Munich Antiquities Certificate with seal

2009 April 3
by Übermensch

Hello to everyone who have found their way here.  Let me thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide in the translation of these documents which are, and could be, of utmost importance to the art world.

The documents you will be assisting with have only recently been brought to light after 100+ years.  They have been acquired directly from Karl Goetz’s decendents.  This may become a lengthy project with new documents coming on line as they are acquired.

The first document for this project is presented below.  Translation of the text is the priority.  If anyone knows anything about the practice  of including a wood encased wax seal such as exhibited with this example, I would appreciate any information you may have.


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  1. 2009 April 3

    That’s definitely an interesting one! I’m looking forward to any comments on the encased seal, not something I’ve seen before.


    From the text it seems to be simply a certificate of membership. The title of the organization literally is the Munich Antiquities Association, what their purpose was I don’t know at the moment, further research is needed. But a certificate of this sort, to my eyes at least, seems it may be something of more prominence. If possible, we need to flesh out why this was awarded to Goetz.

    German text:

    Der Münchener Alterthums Verein
    ernennt den Herrn Karl Goetz
    in München zum ordentl[ich] Mitgliede.
    Zu Urkund dessen gegeben
    München, am Tage Sct. Macarius(?)
    im Jahre des Heils 1905 und im 42ten
    seines Bestehens.


    The Munich Antiquities Association
    appoints the Master/Gentleman/Mr Karl Goetz (Herr, of course is Mr, but in context it may mean Master)
    in Munich as an official member/properly a member.
    This certificate awarded
    Munich, on the day Sct. Macarius (possibly a saint’s day? 15 Jan, if this is the one)
    in the year of the Lord 1905 and in the 42nd (not sure if year of the Lord is the proper translation, but it seems the best English corollary)
    of its existence.

  2. 2009 April 3
    Übermensch permalink

    Thanks Eric…that was a quick reply.

    I had heard that Goetz was into antiques and extensively collected them. I didn’t know there was such an organization for this interest.

    Karl’s medal cabinet which now resides in my collection is actually an antique from late 18th C. Austria. I will post further information and images of the piece in the future as we progress through this project.

    Now, can we find out more about the encased wax seal? I will get some close up images and post them this weekend.

  3. 2009 April 6

    Looking for further info on the Münchner Altertumsverein, I’m not getting very far.

    The Verband bayerischer Geschichtsvereine (Bavarian Historical Society Association) site lists MAV as a member, but no contact info (click Mitglieder and scroll to Munich).

    Pretty much any other reference to it online is tangential at best and none are recent. Still looking…

    Also, just a note, the Bavarian State Library may be a useful source for exploration & assistance on later projects.

  4. 2009 May 9
    monkeybum permalink

    Herr refers to Mister, not Master. If he had been granted the grade of Master they’d put it on the second line before Medailleur. Translation is for all purposes spot on.

    The signature line is

    2nd director 1st director treasurer

    Seckelmeister is pretty old .. seckel refers to sack. [Literally the sack the money is kept in (IMO).]

    probably better as: vice president president treasurer

    Names seems to be Wilhelm Schwaeder Heigenmooser Heinrich Kolz

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