Lehrvertrag Document

2009 April 26
by Übermensch

I believe this was Karl’s apprenticeship graduation document but I’m not sure. Can anyone help? Thanks. Scott

PS. When you click on the images to resize to larger pictures be patient as these are 2550px wide.

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  1. 2009 April 27

    I’ve only looked over the first image so far, but that one at least appears to be a contract binding Goetz to work four years as an engravers apprentice starting the date of the document (1889). More to come…

    Edit – The third is a “certificate of participation in an exhibit of apprentice-work” (1892) – I’m not sure if that means it was an exhibit in the local science fair sense or a demonstration of his learned skills like an exam. I am terrible with handwriting, but this one says he engraved a stamp and 2 tin plates “in exquisite…” something.

    I think the second may be the graduation certificate (1893), but I’ll have to spend more time staring at the squiggly writing… :)

    Other quick hits:
    - The master’s name appears to be Joh. Dominal (sp?)
    - The contract (1st pic) is between J. Dominal and Frau Rosalie Götz (not the father as the document expects)

  2. 2009 May 8
    monkeybum permalink

    Contract of Apprenticeship

    Between Mr J. Engraver of Ausgburg and Mr (struck out) Mrs. Rosalie Goetz of Augsburg is today the following contract of apprenticeship, on the basis of the provisions of Title 7 of the Reichs Trade Law from 17th July 1878 agreed upon.

    Mr J. Engraver, takes Karl Goetz, son of Mr (struck out) Goetz of Augsburg, born on the 28th of Jun 1875 in Augsburg, into his trade of engraver as apprentice for the duration of 4 years starting today.

    Payment is set in the amount of 150 Mark, to be paid as follows: as 3 annual payment at 50 Mark (each).

    The needs of the apprentice will be met in the following way: [but refers to the living arrangements]

    Both parties to the contract are aware of the current laws regarding apprenticeship, obligate themselves to the conscientious execution of said legal requirements and explicitly take the legal rights conjoined in the written apprenticeship contract upon themselves.

    Augsburg, the 1st of February 1889

    Signature of the instructor Signature of the father (legal guardian) of the apprentice

    Joh [Johannes?] Goetz

  3. 2009 May 13
    Udo permalink

    Addition to §2:

    Sohn des Herrn (struck out) verstorbenen hr Karl Götz in Augsburg

    = son of the deceased Mr Karl Götz in Augsburg

    Addition to §4:

    Die Unterkunft während der Lehrzeit haben die Eltern ?sz. (probably abbr. for oder) dessen Stellvertreter zu übernehmen.

    = The parents or his legal representative have to take the accommodation during the period of apprenticeship.

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