Lehrvertrag 1

2009 April 26
by Übermensch

Lehrvertrag 1

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  1. 2009 May 9
    monkeybum permalink

    As best as I can decipher it and very literal (someone else will have to make it English appropriate :) )

    of passed (fulfilled) Apprenticeship

    Karl Goetz born on the 28th of June 1875
    son of Karl Goetz, studied engraving with the signee on the basis of the apprenticeship contract from the 1st of February 1889 until the 1st of February 1893.
    Based on article 129 of Title 7 of the Reich trade law the following certificate has been issued

    {only word I can clearly make out is Fleiss (diligence or industriousness). The word which looks like it ends in a 6 is
    guter (good), words 2->6 are likely: gut waehrend seiner Zeit sich -> good/well during his/the time/duration}

    Augsburg, 29th of January 1893.

    Signature of the Master

    Joh. Dominal Engraver

    Notarized by the city office.

    (Gemeinde is slightly different than city, “community”. It usually is used in the context of county, but often just means a smaller city with some of the surrounding area. Since Augsburg is not small I made it city).

  2. 2009 May 14
    Udo permalink

    The handwritten part on page 2 of the Certificate:

    Derselbe hat während
    dieser Zeit sich durch
    Fleiß u. Aufmerksam-
    keit, sowie gutes
    Betragen meine
    volle Zufriedenheit

    The very (Karl) won during that time
    through effort and attention as well as
    good behavior my complete satisfaction.

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