“Mein Weg” Update

2009 May 19
by √úbermensch

Hello to everyone.

I was finally contacted yesterday by my Goetz family contact who clarified, to some extent, the subject matter of different images he had sent me of handwritten documents. Evidently the “Mein Wag” autobiography written by Goetz was NOT the subject matter of the photograph. He claims that this smaller document (about 20 pages) was more of a personal diary Goetz had written during his Paris Period and not the full-fledged autobiography. This is still important information since this collection now contains Goetz’s Jugendstil design book. He assured me that he would look for “Mein Wag” and get back to me.

Although we are no closer to securing the document(s), there is a good chance that both the documents can be obtained and housed in this collection. At a minimum, I will ask if it is possible to borrow the documents long enough to digitize them before sending them back.

Do to the health of my Goetz family confidant, communication can be quite spotty but I will update this Post as soon as I hear something more.

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