How to help

We are seeking people proficient in German to help transcribe and translate documents relating to the life and career of Karl Goetz. Many are manuscript and most printed matter is in the old style German script, so being able to read those is necessary. Those with an advanced technical vocabulary and/or knowledge of early 20th century German society and institutions will be of invaluable assistance. Whatever your skills, if you think you may have time to help translate, or simply just proofread others’ work, please do drop us a line and let us know how you can help.  Just click the ‘Contact’ link, fill in the necessary information, and send it off to us.  We’ll get right back to you with site access information.


Since this site is designed to offer a collaborative environment, don’t feel that you have to have to translate everything that comes along in its entirety. We’re here to work together on this.

The best route to take to provide useful information is to complete each project in three steps:

A summary of the document – paraphrase what it says, what its significance may be, any background on the issuer.

A transcription in German – Since many are manuscript, having clearly readable text that can be edited will be a great help. Please try to maintain a faithful representation of the text as it was written, retaining any old style spellings, umlauts, etc. If you have trouble with a certain word, make it boldface and put your thoughts in parenthesis so others can more easily spot it and help.

And most importantly, a full English translation - Just as with the transcription, please make as faithful a representation of the text as possible. Highlight (bold) any trouble spots and provide alternate translations where there are different possibilities or the literal doesn’t quite make sense in English.

How to use this site

All work will be done in the comments of each posting. In order to comment you will need to be a registered user and logged in. Please use the “Contact us” form to request access and explain how you can help. We will ask for a desired username and password along with a valid email address. All personal information will be held in strict confidence and not shared with any third parties.

- Access

If you already have a username and password from us you may login via the link on the right side of the page under Meta. If you’ve forgotten your password, just go to that same link, click “Lost your password” and enter your info. You will be emailed a link to reset your password.

- Editing

All editing will be done in the comments section of each post. You may enter basic HTML tags, like links, bold, etc (I will try to add a WYSIWYG interface to make this easier soon). One tip, if you are working on a long piece and your internet browser is prone to crashing, it might be safer to type your response in a word processor and just copy it to the comment box once you’re done.

- Receiving updates

Since posts here may come only periodically, we’ve set up a mechanism for you to be able to receive notice of new posts without having to check back at the site. There are two methods for this – RSS and email.

If you are familiar with RSS you probably already know how it works. By subscribing to the feed you will receive updates in your RSS reader of choice. (Wikipedia has a decent explanation of what RSS is.)

You may also subscribe to receive email alerts. We use the Feedburner service to help up with this. It will send an email the morning after anything is published here, just one email, even if we add 20 posts. To subscribe, click the link on our site and enter your email at the next page, you’ll be sent a confirmation email and once you click the link in that email you are subscribed. You can unsubscribe at any time and Feedburner will not use your email for any other purpose.

- How do I put an icon next to my name?

For registered users, you may notice some of us have custom icons next to our name instead of the default gray guy. We use to help us with this. If you don’t already have a Gravatar you will need to visit that site and create one for the email address you used here. After that, it is automatic.